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Looking To Get Started In Calisthenics Training?

Meet Your New Training Partner.

"The 90 Day Complete Beginner Calisthenics Starter Program"
Get Strong And Learn The Foundations Of Calisthenics Exercise at Your Own Pace.


"Massive Price Drop Give Away: Join the 90-Day Beginner Home Calisthenics Program"

 Learn More In The Video Below, And get Started Today!   
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Melbourne's Best Cali Athletes
Love Training At Melbourne Calisthenics


It's Quick And Easy, A Few Clicks And You're In!

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This Home Calisthenics Course Is The Secret To Your Training Success!

It's the diffeence between the 99% of people who fail to train themselves properly, and the top 1% that do!


We call it a "Beginner Calisthenics Program", as it covers all the movements and positions that we would use in our gym when training a complete beginner, only you do it yourself, where you want and when you want, with absolutely no equipment needed!

Are You Ready To End Your Training Frustrations, And Realise Your Potential?

Then Sign Up for Your Beginners Program Today!

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But That's Not All This Program Does...

This Beginners Calisthenics Program Has Plenty Of Wide Ranging Benefits

And It All Starts At The Beginning!
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This Beginners Course Gives You Everything You Need To Succeed in Foundational Calisthenics

Plus The Strength And Confidence For Anything Else You Choose To Do!
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Try The Beginner Calisthenics Program And Witness The Awesome Effects For Yourself

Get the program in less than a minute. Money back guarantee

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Also Trusted By Thousands Of Melbourne Locals...
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** All the above people are real customers of Melbourne Calisthenics. Their results may differ from yours, but if you commit to the program and put in the effort, we guarantee you will get results. We will put our money on it!**

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This Price can't Last, So Get in Now While You Can! 
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Get started Now. Money back Guarantee!

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Over the next 90 days, you will be guided through a progressive workout program designed specifically and ONLY for beginners. This course requires NO EQUIPMENT, and is carefully crafted to take you from where you are now to new heights of physical fitness and foundational mastery. Each week will bring you closer to your goals as you build strength, improve flexibility, and unlock your full potential.

Leave behind the guesswork and the frustration of scouring through endless YouTube videos that don’t cater to your needs. With our "Done For You" calisthenics home workout program, you can say goodbye to the stress and wasted hours.
This comprehensive program is designed specifically for those seeking to embark on their calisthenics journey without the need for any equipment. We've covered all the basics and fundamentals of calisthenics training, ensuring that you build a strong foundation right from the start.

If you've made it this far, you're ready. 

Let's go!

An Australian first, right here

in Melbourne. EST 2012 - MC Gym 2014

Melbourne Calisthenics

North Melbourne, 3051

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