Calisthenics All Levels And Speciality Class Times

Below you can see the class timetable and book yourself in for calisthenics classes.

Due to class size restrictions, it's inevitable that some classes may get booked out in advance.

Please be respectful of other gym users and only book classes that you definitely intend attending.

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PLEASE NOTE: You can NOT book the Advanced Calisthenics, the Cali Strength or Handstand classes here. This page is only for the calisthenics all levels bookings.

All of our calisthenics classes are great for beginners. All levels train together for a fantastic learning and training experience. Book yourself in to any session and r...
Calisthenics Class All Levels
1 hr
Price Varies
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun


Our street-workout calisthenics classes are small enough to still be geared towards the individual. You will be around like minded people who push and encourage each other to new levels of fitness. So whatever your current ability or previous experience,  you will always be pushed comfortably, safely and enjoyably within your limits.


Our focus will always be to try something new, to push the body in ways that allow it to adapt to a higher level of skill and fitness. All major muscle groups and exercise techniques will be used in part or in whole in each and every session. 



Take your calisthenics training to the next level with private personal training with Alexander.


With 20+ years training experience in disciplines such as bodyweight calisthenics, power and weight lifting, bodybuilding, martial arts and sports rehab, Alexander guarantees to propel your fitness to the next level.


MCHQ is truly a unique gym space to begin or continue your calisthenics journey.