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Looking To Get Started In Calisthenics Training?

Melbourne's Wildly Popular Calisthenics Gym is Now Online.


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First off though, let me be clear, you will be working with me! NOT some automated AI nons

Hi there,


Welcome to Accountability Coaching, where my one goal is to be your unwavering partner in your quest to achieve your own goals. I specialise in providing the guidance, support, and structure necessary for you to maintain commitment, make substantial progress, and transform your aspirations into concrete realities.


With decades of experience working alongside individuals who, like you, find it challenging to stay committed in the midst of life's ups and downs, I've come to understand the true importance of accountability.


However, as the demand for our services at Gym Melbourne Calisthenics continues to soar, I've recognised that I can't personally assist everyone face to face.


That's why I've taken my three decades of training expertise and harnessed the power of modern technology, bringing it all online. This way, I can extend my reach, connecting and coaching you no matter where you're located.


But most importantly of all, I'm here to keep you fully accountable for your success!


That’s Accountability Coaching!

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As your online coach, I provide three distinct approaches, each tailored to meet your individual needs...


Level 1

Welcome to "Hands-Off" All-Access Workout Coaching

Experience the ultimate in fitness freedom with my Level 1 coaching program.

Gain full access to all of my meticulously crafted workouts and programs, all uniquely designed by me, and leveraging over 30 years of expertise across diverse training domains. This is more than just a fitness regimen; it's an opportunity for you to seamlessly integrate effective workouts into your schedule, enjoying the flexibility to dive in and out at your leisure. Your journey to a healthier, stronger you starts here, guided by my wealth of knowledge cultivated over three decades in the world of health and fitness.


Level 2

Elevate Your Fitness Journey with Added Accountability + Revisions

Building on the foundation of Level 1, Level 2 introduces a heightened level of engagement through ongoing personalized accountability check-ins with me. Beyond enjoying complete access to my expertly curated workouts, you'll now benefit from ongoing support and guidance. This includes regular check-ins to ensure you stay on track and continue to make progress toward your goals.

But that's not all—Level 2 goes the extra mile by offering minor revisions to tailor any workout programs to your specific needs. Your fitness journey is unique, and this personalized touch ensures that each workout aligns seamlessly with your individual requirements. Embrace the power of a program fine-tuned to maximize your potential and propel you toward success. Welcome to a new level of commitment and customization in your fitness experience.


Level 3

Realise Your Full Potential with Personalised Precision

Step into the pinnacle of personalised fitness with Level 3, an extension of the comprehensive support found in Level 2.

Here, not only will you benefit from all the perks of Level 1 and 2, but you'll also receive your very own fully customised workout plan.

A plan meticulously crafted to suit your unique needs, fully periodized to evolve with you over time. This isn't just a workout; it's a dynamic journey tailored to your individual strengths and aspirations. Experience the power of a plan designed to grow with you, ensuring that every step aligns with your evolving fitness goals.

Level 3 is the epitome of personalized excellence, propelling you towards a fitter, stronger, and more vibrant version of yourself. Are you ready to experience the highest level of fitness transformation?


Easily flick between your workouts, dip in and out as you choose. Track and monitor your progress over time all in one convenient place. 


Full functionality acorss all your devices. No matter where you are, you've got what you need.


Never miss a beat when everything syncs up for you in real time. Let me keep an eye on things for you while you go about your busy day.

First off though, let me be clear, you will be working with me! NOT some automated AI nons

" I do what I do because I believe in helping people achieve their best selves. I'm dedicated to being a coach and mentor to support your growth and transformation. My goal is to provide the tools and guidance you need to succeed on your journey to a healthier, happier you."

First off though, let me be clear, you will be working with me! NOT some automated AI nons
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