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Learn calisthenics and get strong at home, the office, your local gym, or wherever you are.


"The secret to getting ahead is getting started"

Yes, we listened, and it's finally here,


The program you’ve been waiting for to get pre-started in calisthenics training BEFORE you come to our gym. Read on to find to how you can get it all absolutely FREE!


Too often you tell me you want to ‘get strong’, or to at least “get started” in calisthenics training before taking the leap and coming to our popular calisthenics classes.


Well, intimidation be gone!


Now, with these ‘do it yourself’ calisthenics starter programs, you can, in complete comfort and as private as you wish, get yourself started in the basics and foundations of calisthenics training.


To this end, we have designed an absolute beginner workout program from the ground up specifically for you. Absolutely no experience is required to get started with this program, and you will not need any equipment to complete these workouts.


Train at home, with no equipment - Let’s be clear about something, calisthenics does not essentially require any equipment at all, and as it suggests, this workout requires just that -nothing! This program can be done at home, or anywhere you like. No bands, no pull up bar or any other home exercise equipment. Just a bit of floor space, and perhaps a couch, or a chair or step if you have one available. If not, no problem, just the floor will do!


INTENTION - The primary goal of these starter programs is to allow you to get a good grounding in what we do first, before ultimately coming to the gym classes in person.

Of course, you may never wish to do in person training, and that is absolutely fine. These programs will cover all the basics and foundational work required to start building strength and balance all over your body through a range of movements and modalities.

Once you feel you have conquered this program, and you wish to go it alone, we have more programs ready for you to step up your training, all in your own good time.


SWEET DEAL - Now, here is why this is perhaps the best deal you’ve ever come across. You can actually get this program for FREE. That’s right, completely FREE. After you’ve completed what you deem to be a sufficient amount of starter workouts, and you feel ready to join our in-person classes, I will take the entire cost of this program off your first months membership.


100% OFF! This is my gift to you for taking great action, that I wholeheartedly understand can be both an intimidating and daunting first step to take. But it surely is a rewarding one. If you give me the chance to prove it to you, I promise you’ll never look back!


HOW TO - You can purchase directly here below or via the app on your phone if you already have it. You can find it HERE.

Once you've downloaded the app, go to the membership tab and scroll down to find the “Pre-start home calisthenics program” tab. Click through to purchase.

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Level 1

Just $147

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Level 2

Just $147

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