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The 'NOT' Murph Challenge

Saturday June 22 10am-1pm

Join The 'NOT' Murph Challenge!

📍 Location: Melbourne Calisthenics

🗓️ Date: Sat - June 22

🕘 Time: 10am-1pm

**Entry Fee**: $25 per person


Event Details:

Test your strength and endurance by completing our specially re-designed “NOT” Murph fitness challenge. All proceeds will be donated to the ANF (Australian National Foundation).


Challenge Breakdown*:

500 Star Jumps

100 Strict Pull Ups

200 Strict Push Ups

300 Strict Squats

500 Star Jumps

(*Aussie Pull ups and knee push ups are accepted for those who can't do full versions. Please see

below for easier variation)

How to Enter:

1. Register and pay right here on this webpage.

2. Or, Pay the entry fee of $25 via cash or transfer

3. Show up ready to give your best!

Why Participate?:

- Challenge yourself and push your limits

- Support a great new cause

- Enjoy a fun and supportive community

Easier Variation*:

The Half 'NOT' Murph

400 Star Jumps

50 Pull Ups

100 Push Ups

150 Squats

400 Star Jumps

(Again, all reps can be made easier as required. Each person does their personal best)

Additional Information:

- All fitness levels are welcome

Easier variations will be available

Let’s make this event a huge success and support the ANF together!

Let's Get Started

Thanks for submitting!

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