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  • Do you cater to beginners?
    Our #1 question we get asked. And the answer is a massive YES. You do not need to be a high level pro just to get started. You just need to start, even if you can't do a single push up or pull up.
  • Do you do beginners classes?
    Technically all classes are beginners based. The beauty of body weight exercise is that it is easy within a group to make something easier or harder for the individual as the case may be. As such all levels train together, and each person exercises to their own ability.
  • Should I get strong first before starting?
    We get asked this one a lot. The problem with it is, what other form of exercise are you going to do in order to get strong for calisthenics? If you want to be good at something, there ain't nothing to it but to do it! So no, you don't need to be strong to get started, but you do need to start to get strong.
  • Is the gym open for casual visits outside class times?
    Yes and no. We're not formally an open gym, yet. But we can accept casual visits by appointment only at the moment.
  • Do I need to book a class or can I just turn up?
    We keep it as easy as possible here. You can just rock up to any group session that suits you.
  • Do you do casual memberships?
    Yes. You absolutley do not need to pay for monthly memberships to attend classes. You can pay the casual rate of $22 per class each time you come if you wish. We also do 10 packs for $200 which saves you a class if you prefer.
  • How do I sign up if I want to do a monthly membership?
    Simples, you turn up. We'll do the rest.
  • What ages can do calisthenics at MCHQ?
    Pretty much anyone from 10 - 70 for classes. Or even younger or older for private training.
  • What's the structure of the classes at MC?
    In every session we do thorough warm ups and mobility work to prepare us for the workout. Exactly what we do is different each session, and we don't do structured days for specific things. We prefer a more fluid workout which is determined by who is in the class, how many, relative experience levels etc.
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