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Beginners Melbourne 'Street Workout' Calisthenics


MCHQ is excited to announce our brand new 4 week Beginners Calisthenics program.


Course Details - The 4 week program begins Sunday November 6 and will run every Sunday 11am till 12.30.


SPECIAL OFFER - 10% Off until Oct 15 - ONLY $179


The aim of the beginners calisthenics course is to arm you with all the knowledge and technical know-how to undertake bodyweight training on your own. Whether you plan to use calisthenics routines for yourself, or with your clients if you work in the industry, this course will teach you everything you need to know to get going.

There will be a 1.5 hour workshop every Sunday 11am, progressively covering all aspects of beginners calisthenics. Including:


  • Stretching and flexibility

  • Fundamental positioning

  • Ongoing discussions on what we do and why we do it

  • Progressions and how to use them

  • Training aids, bands and equipment

  • Training safety

  • Prehab and rehab

  • Bodyweight Strength concepts

  • Conditioning with bodyweight

  • Nutrition for training

  • Self training program set up


Each week will progress on from the last, and we will build up training knowledge and practice as we go. Finally leaving you with enough practice and information to undertake further calisthenics training on your own if you wish.


Get your place reserved today, and hurry, as places are strictly limited to 15 only!



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